Die Set Unit 3SU

Die Set Unit

Product specifications :

● Plates Materisal: 1.1730
● The stamping Die accuracy starts with the Die set and Guide system.
● In this drawing has been tried to consider all basic requirements of a progressive Die set for excessive production.
● The spacers in the Dies make the Die changing height comfortably in the maintenance and repairing.
● The guide pillar with hole reduces inertia in Die that it’s suitable for high speed.

Picture of Die Set Unit 3SU
Picture of Die Set Unit 3SU
Picture of Die Set Unit 3SU
Picture of Die Set Unit 3SU
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● Other plates material, the sizes out of table, guide system, special machining and annealing of plates can be done on request.

● When the dimensions of the plates are larger than 500mm, the plates are equipped with 2 screw-in lifting studs named E201 in order to have an easy transportation.

● Regarding the thickness and dimensions of the Plates, more accurate tolerances can be done if requested.

● Possible to produce and montage your special guide system.

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