Guide Pillar For Large Tools D022

Guide Pillar For Large Tools

Product specifications :

● Material : Steel, Surface Hardened
● DIN 9833/ISO 9182-3
● Surface hardness: 60+2 HRC.
● Hardness penetration depth: 1.5 mm.
● Up to fd1=80 without central hole.
● By fd1=80 with 1 lifting thread M12 .
● From fd1=100 with central hole(through) and with 2 lifting threads M12 .
● The guide pillar is only recommended in use with solid lubricants. (D046 , D043 ).

Picture of Guide Pillar For Large Tools D022
Title File Size Version Technical Data
فایل سه بعدی CATPart برای ميله راهنما D022 d022-catpart.rar 107.9 KB پاییز 1401
فایل سه بعدی STP برای ميله راهنما D022 d022-stp.rar 507.2 KB پاییز 1401
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