Swing Clamp PCS


Product specifications :

● Pneumatic Mounting Flange Body
● Double Action Cylinder
● Strength aluminum body
● Anodised body for corrosion Resistance.
● Hard chrom plated rod.
● Parts of mechanism are made of hardened ateel and coated black.
● Note : Air Unit (filter and lubricant) shall be used (6bar inlet pressure). It is essential to use flow control in way of air inlet & outlet because of avoiding clamp knocking
● Stroke _ In both type of clamping(R&L type),25% of clamp moving is linearly in direction of Y axis and then it turns 90 ° into its position
● Air Consumption _ Air Consumption per cycle.
* See top view for selecting the rotate direction.

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Picture of Swing Clamp PCS
Picture of Swing Clamp PCS
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- Mounting from above on tapping plate with Socket Head Cap Screw.

Note: Swing clamps can squeeze only during the Y stroke.




Mounting of swing lever

1- Setup swing lever with bolt on the piston rod.

2- Turn swing lever into the position.

3- Fix piston’s rod with wrench and tighten bolt.


Swing lever removal

1- Hold piston’s rod with wrench and loosen the bolt.

2- As the following pictures, seperate swing lever from piston ‘s rod with light hit by the plastic hammer at the bottom of swing lever.

3- Replacing non-standard lever with standard lever leads to seriouse damage to the swing clamp.



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