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Product specifications :

Max. Pressure shut off valve SET275 is usually installed before the main regulator of the gas line and shuts off gas flow upstream when the pressure exceeds the set pressure in order to make the entire system safe. The valve can only be opened manually and this must only be after solving the problem that caused the closure. General requirements of this product are in accordance with the national standard of Iran INSO22107 and are produced in sizes DN40, 50.

Title File Size Version Technical Data
کاتالوگ کنترل های خط گاز مشعل gas-controls.pdf 3.7 MB پاییز 1401
کاتالوگ شیر دستی اهرمی lever-hand-valve.pdf 1 MB
راهنمای شیر دستی اهرمی SET271 SET271 DN40،DN50.pdf 424.8 KB پاییز 1401
کاتالوگ شیر قطع سریع فشار بیشینه shut-off-valve.pdf 1.3 MB
راهنمای شیر قطع سریع فشار بیشینه SET275 SET275 DN40،DN50.pdf 566.4 KB پاییز 1401
راهنمای رگلاتور شیر قطع سریع فشار بیشینه SET852(H) SE852H DN40،DN50.pdf 411.1 KB زمستان 1401
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