Twin Stage Regulators | SET293

Twin Stage Regulators

Product specifications :

Designed to reduce pressure up to 10 bar down to burner pressure, normally 11” w.c. Ideal for medium commercial installations, multiple cylinder installations and normal domestic loads. Its large vent helps prevent blockage. However, using this regulator has limitations such as low capacity and less stability than two-stage regulators.

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کاتالوگ کنترل های خط گاز مشعل gas-controls.pdf 3.7 MB پاییز 1401
کاتالوگ رگلاتور گاز مایع liquid-gas-regulator.pdf 1.1 MB پاییز 1401
راهنمای رگلاتور گاز مایع SET291 SET292 SET293.pdf 602.5 KB پاییز 1401
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