Slow Opening Solenoid Valve | SET145/SQ/DN40-DN50

Slow Opening Solenoid Valve

Product specifications :

Normally closed automatic slow opening solenoid valve opens the flow of gas when the coil is electrically powered and closes when it offs. It can be controlled by thermostats, switches, etc. In addition, you can control it by CPI switches.

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Picture of Slow Opening Solenoid Valve | SET145/SQ/DN40-DN50
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کاتالوگ کنترل های خط گاز مشعل gas-controls.pdf 3.7 MB پاییز 1401
راهنمای شیر برقی آرام SET144 SQ DN40،50.pdf 613.3 KB زمستان 1401
کاتالوگ شیر برقی gas-controls-solenoid-valve.pdf 1.6 MB
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